This year I opted to purchase a new motherboard/CPU for my gaming PC. I have 2 x Nvidia 1080Ti GPUs and realized that my CPU was likely the bottleneck on increased seeing better performance. I haven't spent a lot of time gaming lately, but I've been following the new Intel CPUs pretty closely and really wanted to get one. So here's what I went with:


Krait Z370 Motherboard Intel 8700k 16G Corsair RGB RAM


I was going back and forth between the 8600k and 8700k. Ultimately the 8700k was on sale for ~$300 and it seemed like too good of a deal to pass (at the time the 8600k is going for $234 and 8700k is normally $334). I'm also optimistic that having hyper-threading might be of some benefit in the future as gaming studio beging optimizing for that.


I had a couple days to wait for the parts to show up, and decided to invest some time into cleaning my current case. I took out the motherboard, drives, fans and PSU. Spent some time wiping things down and snipping old zip ties. I had a couple 7200RPM hard drives just laying in the case that I took the time to mount. Same for a couple SSDs. Removed the CPU cooler and sprayed that out with canned air. The fans on the cpu cooler are probably the loudest part in the case, I added a drop of yoyo oil to the fan which seemed to help a bit. Empty Case Rear Case


When the parts arrive I got to unboxing, taking some pictures, and cleaning up my workspace. Before Mounting the motherboard I installed the memory, then the CPU cooler. Motherboard Prep

The PSU slid right in, and since all the cables are modular I connected all the one's I needed off the bat. I like to do this asap as it gives me an idea of how the cables will need to lie when I start making connections. Mounting the 8-pin CPU power cable is always a struggle with this case, so I snuck that in before mounting the motherboard. I popped in the metallic panel for the usb/audio/video connectors. With that in place I slid the moatherboard in and used some thumb screws to secure it. ThenI patched the main power cables and some of the fans.   Motherboard Install

With the motherboard in place I was able to start connecting everything. Drives were patched, some PCIe cards added and a generous amount of zip ties used to get things laying down nicely. 

Next installed the GPUs and SLI bridge. One of the GPU's is a hybrid water cooled setup, I had to install the radiator next to the CPU, hopefully that doesn't generate too much heat.

Voila, that was it. I started it up and surprisingly my old install of Windows 10 came right up (albeit not activated). I did opt to re-install Windows from scratch, but I'll talk about that in another post. Here's the final product:

PC Final

  • Noe Gonzalez